About Us

We represent Publishers and Agents for German language publication rights as well as international Authors for world rights.

The Liepman Literary Agency was founded in Hamburg in 1949 by Dr. Ruth Liepman-Lilienstein (1909-2001) and her husband, the writer and journalist Heinz Liepman. As German Jews they had been forced into exile during the Nazi Period. Ruth Lilienstein went into hiding in Holland, while Heinz Liepman emigrated to the United States. From there, he brought the first authors into the agency: Norman Mailer with «The Naked and the Dead», James Jones with «From Here to Eternity», F. Scott Fitzgerald, Richard Wright and several more.

Heinz Liepman remained committed to his own writing. Ruth Liepman, a lawyer by profession, became an enthusiastic and energetic agent. She soon added a number of important writers to her list: Arthur Miller, J.D. Salinger, Vladimir Nabokov, James Baldwin, Arthur Hailey – to name but a few.

In 1961 the agency moved to Zürich, where it developed into a major address in international publishing. In 1981 Ruth Liepman turned her privately owned firm into a limited company. Her long-term colleagues Eva Koralnik and Ruth Weibel became partners and then, in 2001, the agency’s sole owners. In 2013 the agency went into its third generation with Marc Koralnik as new owner.

We represent a large number of publishing houses and agencies from the USA, UK, Canada, France and Israel exclusively for German language publication rights. We handle world rights for prestigious international authors and also for the estates of Anne Frank, Elias Canetti, Norbert Elias, Erich Fromm and others. We represent German language writers of fiction and non-fiction.

Our dedicated and experienced team attends the major trade book fairs, and we work with excellent co-agents in many countries.

The books we represent range from commercial and bestselling fiction, to literary works of Nobel Prize winning writers, to general non-fiction, biography, science and philosophy.